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How can i say something in french?
French speakers, HELP PLEASE!?
How do you say the _ (As in an e-mail address) in French?
How do you say "so" in French?
Advance french or native speakers! Please I need your help!?
what are the secrets of learning French language?
How do you say " receive my friendly smile." in french?
how do u say in french?
I'm looking for a timeline of French Verb Tenses.?
French: placing adjectives before the noun?
French Translation?
Can you check my english to french translation without using an online translator?
simple questions how to say in french?
How do you pronounce "please(s'il vous plaît)" in French???
Where could I teach French or German as foreign languages?
French: What's the different between la and la-bas?
Advance or Native french speakers!!! Please help me translate a sentence!!?
Which is correct French grammar?
How do you say heroine (female hero...not the drug! omg) in french?
What can I do with a French and Spanish major?
If an "exposé" is part of my grade in french class, what does that mean?
How do you say these origins in french?
French translation for a tattoo!?
What does this french sentence means?
In French, what does the " le" in the following statement mean:?
French help VERY QUICK AND EASY?!!?
is it true that learning french helps smooth out accents?
How do you conjugate the French verb convaincre?
How can i say this in french?
how do you say 1st,2nd,3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th peroid in french?
What's the difference between 'de' and 'du' in French?
How to say, "Shivum's Restaurant" in french?
What is the French term for 'role call'?
How can I improve my command of French?
Can someone please check over my French sentences?
french speakers is this sentence correct?
How do you say CARDIGAN in french?
French Translation???!!!!??? HELP! PLEASE!!!?
Could i get a little help with my french homework?
What do these french words mean in english?
translation french to english ?????
Help me real quick to understand this french sentence? "De moin en moin"?
how do you say in French "why do you hurt the ones you love"?
what does c deby mean in french?
In French, how can you say...?
What is the word for someone who loves the French language and the French culture, etc?
Need someone to translate this from French to English?
I want to learn French and German at the same time. is this a good idea? will it take longer?
Since people can't really understand Swiss German, do they not understand Swiss French?
I need help from a native french speaker please!!!?
Which is harder French or Italian?
How to write Carpe Diem in french?
Whats a good Quebecois French to English online translator?
how do u say "We spent.." in French?
French speakers??
Can someone translate this please french to english...10 points ;)?
What's some cool and modern (within 2-3 years) French music/artists/songs?
Any French speakers out there...?
Need to check if my french is correct? Like if it makes sense...etc.?