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Gender Studies

The field of gender studies examines feminine, masculine, and LGBT identities. It is an interdisciplinary approach to studying gender and its intersection with other facets of identity such as ethnicity, sexuality, class, and nationality (University of Kentucky).


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Why were lower class/working class women mostly excluded from the feminist movement?
Who are 2 influential women in history?
Why do feminists hate when men tell them that they love them or miss them?
WGS Survey ... I need this for a research project that I am doing?
Do YOU really think that Michael Jackson was a child molester ?
Who are the "usual suspects" in British politics?
Most Beautifulest Ladies' - If a close friend drunkenly drools all over you for a night....?
Why do so many women expect men to "accept them as they are"?
Why do everyone blame the women for the children?
"Indeed, I would venture to guess that Anon, who wrote so many poems without signing them, was often a woman"?
Why are Scandinavian women so ridiculously beautiful?
Why isn't he wearing it anymore?
What do feminists think about Lauren Hutton?
I'm prepared for a duel. Who's the meanest women on WS?
Help I'm having a hard time staying focused!!!!!!?
If they're just fetuses: why do feminists care if there are a large # of sex-selective abortions - as in China?
Are there any women out there?
Why do some people in the GWS feel the need?
Why do women always scream "victim blame"?
Is it normal for a 19 year old to get horny over older women?
Is this California "no spanking" law gonna prohibit the recreational, kinky spanking of hot babes?
Troll question and answers versus sincere, on GWS.?
Feminists: Why can't you be thankful for everything you DO have?
Do you think that clavicles are sexy on women?
Could someone please help me with this?
Bachelor Party in Las Vegas!?
Few questions for women?
How has women's behavior changed from around 1950 to now?
what kind of men like skeletor-looking women?
What do you think of women who insist on breast feeding in public places?
if my girlfriend farts?
Does anyone see this problem with pinning society's ills on single mothers?
Do you support male adult circumcision ?
Ladies, how many of YOU wear flip flops ?
What does it mean if there are 3 strip clubs in a town?
What kind of people do you usually attract?
Would you be willing to experience other's experiences?
how detestable are household chores?
Once you go "MAC" you'll never go back?
Why is do you think it is that women.....?
If women really want to make a difference why not get more involved in things like directing?
Princess Kitty and Madame Shamukins...
Why do some woman pretend to be stupid?
Why do women think female emotions are more valid than male emotions?
What do men and women think about Madonna?
how old are all the hard-core femminists here?
Why is it hard to understand women?
Are Women 'Better' than Men?
Is this beauty queen a bad reputation for women?
Do you think that abortion will ever be completely banned in the USA as it was in Nicaragua?
is it sour-graping when a single mother says she'd be ecstatic if a man w/o baggage doesn't want to date her?
Lorena Bobbitt Icon??
Why didn't this typical feminst arguement work for my friend?
Why do people confuse socially defined gender roles with sexual preference?
Why are teen girls esp. in high school so cruel?
Is it possible for a Woman to please a Man 100 percent of the time ?
This woman tried to kick me hard in my groin, but I....?
Women who've been married before...?
How many women out there are Head Of Household?
why are we sitting by and letting torture happen to women?