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what is a vertex of the ellipse?
phythagoras theoram question?
The 2nd side of a triangle is 4 more than the first. The 3rd side is 2 more than twice the 1st.perminter 18in?
Find the dimensions of a rectangle of maximum area that can be inscribed in a circle of radius r?
Hi, Yup I Have a Question: geometry 10pts?
How can I find the area of a rectangle??
Which of the following statements from Euclidean geometry is also true of spherical geometry?
is a circle a conic?
Geometry Homework help please...?
Find the area of a triangle?
Graph of Circle Equation?
Geometry question Need answers fast?
How many rotations will a 14 inch diameter wheel make as it rolls down a 25 foot hills?
A right circular cone of radius R and an altitude of H is circumscribed about a sphere of radius r.?
What is an example of a plane (geometry) in real life?
can someone help me solve this geometry problem?
If the midpoints of the sides of a triangle are (-1,3),(1,-2),(5,-3), what are the vertices?
I need help with this ratio problem for Geometry.?
Write the given. If one angle of a triangle is 90°, then the other two add to 90°.?
Geometry help please!!!!?
fill in the blank! GEOMETRY?
Geometry Question for Homework?
two pararallel bases of a trapezoid are 10 inches and 12 inches long.?
length of a perpendicular line in a triangle?
Given points P(-2,5) E(6,1) T(4,-7) determin what type of triangle PET is, with supporting calculations?
Basic or hard geometry?
Geometry help with triangles?
Find the area of a regular octagon inscribed in a circle with radius.?
Geometry help (circle stuff)?
Is this a RIGHT TRIANGLE? Please help!?
y^2+4y+8x-12 find focus, directrix, vertex and graph?
What am I doing wrong on this problem (decide whether or not 3 points are the vertices of a right triangle)?
Can someone help me with this problem. It states find the surface of the cylinder.use 3.14 for n.?
largest area? for a triangle?
How would you figure out this coordinate geometry question?
i have a geometry problem for someone, someone know the answer?
a rectangle is 4 inches wide & 9 inches long what is the length of this rect. to the nearest tench of an inch?
Given 4 points, how can you figure out if its a rectangle or not?
If I know the diameter of say a ball...how then do I find out what the circumference is?
how would i write this function in vertex form? 2x^2 + 7x + 3?
How to Find Height of the Triangle?
need help with geometry (optimization and constraints)?
geometry question!!! ?
geometry question: how do you if points are collinear to each other?
how do you find the y intercept of an equation in vertex form?
point charge at the center of a conducting spherical shell?
geometry/algebra question please take a look at it?
Always-sometimes-never geometry problem.?
need help with algebra 2 vertex?
Area of the Pentagon?
Geometry Problem?
On a clock, how many times does the minute hand and the hour hand form a right angle?
The vertex of the function can you please help me and explain to me how to do this problem?
Right Triangle Problem?
volume of a sphere: V = 4/3 radius r3 ; r=18 cm & radius= 3.1416?
need help on a Hard circle problem?
Area of circle with diameter 16 cm and circumference 50.24? Whats the area?
if a polygon is equilateral, then it is (always, sometimes, never) a regular polygon?
How can you arrange 100 cubes in a rectangle so that the fewest cubes will be on the outside edge?