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I am writing a novel in English, but one of my characters speaks Spanish, how do I punctuate?
What literature connects to the quote “You must take life the way it comes at you and make the best of it.”?
Does anyone know the interpretation of Alexander Pushkin's Poem 'The Coach of Life'?
Can someone explain a Shakespeare quote from The Merchant of Venice?
Can you explain what this quote from MacBeth mean?
What should i title my poem for english? It's about friendship, and it's like about my friendship with someone
Can you please explain this quote form Macbeth?
how does King claudius act as a father to hamlet...... helpp!!! .?
I have sat here for 12 hours trying to memorize a poem!?
Can someone explain this quote from the novel Frankenstein. Greatly appreciated.?
HELP! I need a useless or a common object for a poem! asap?
What does this poem mean?
does anyone have a onomatopoeia poem?
poetry problems?
what is the year of publication of romeo and juliet?
What is you favorite quote, song lyric, or poem?
I'm looking for a poem by the title "To my Grown up son"?
How do you write an essay about the conclusion of a novel?
does anyone have a saying or poem?
what is the purpose of the prologue in act II of Romeo and Juliet?
Romeo and Juliet's play?
Romeo and Juliet I need to pick a character from here?
What figurative language is present in this quote from Romeo and Juliet?
Compare and contrast Stephen Crane's poem War Is Kind and Emily Dickinson's poem I'm Nobody?
Any Russian speaker please view this poem and translate. Help is appreciated .Thank you in advance?
Is this a good quote to describe Romeo and Juliet's relationship?
Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story character compare and contrast.?
Looking for a Walt Disney poem or phrase? Something like this: I don't sleep to rest..I simply sleep to dream?
Romantic quotes , poems , sayings to my boyfriend?
In what way does Juliet exhibit more common sense and practicality than Romeo?
Very important what kinda poem is this?
King Lear: The fitchew nor soiled horse goes to it...Meaning of the Line**HELP**?
i am looking for the full text of Alfredo Salanga's poem entitled A WAY OF COMING HOME. please? badly needed.
What is your favorite quote from Romeo + Juliet?
Where can I find the scholarly article/essay/paper written about Macbeth and Post-traumatic stress disorder?
How great is Shark Boy Valentine Day poem?
what's the difference between poetry and prose?
Romeo and Juliet Help pleasee?
poetry essay?
Can someone translate this spanish poem into English for me?
What is the means of frame sentence of the poem
How am I supposed to study Romeo and Juliet?
The poem is called Dulce Et Decorum Est Why is it ironic?
Hamlet help please..!!!?
Can anyone give me some ideas for some Valentines poetry in French?
POEM about water pollution?
Is this quote from Thoreau's novel Walden?
Romeo and Juliet/To Kill A Mockingbird help? Two questions, check my homework please? (I actually tried)?
Need Help with Macbeth Project Songs!?
Who said these lines? (romeo and juliet)?
Hamlet yelling at Ophelia Quote?
is there comic relief in Shakespeare's Othello,Macbeth and Hamlet?
Poem or quote with this line in it? Do you know it?
How does George Orwell demonstrate these themes over the course of the novel 1984?
what is an example of slant rhyme in emily dickinson's poem, success is counted sweetest...?
Why does Hamlet love Ophelia? If he doesn't why not?
i really need help. somone write shakespeare's sonnet for me pls pls pls . not his sonnets . like his style?
How did the love poetry in the Victorian era differ from the love poems in the Renassiance and Romantic eras?
William Shakepeare Romeo and Juliet Balcony Scene.?