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what is the meaning of the word "clod" in the following quotation.does it mean "a lump" or " a stupid person"?
What does this mean? Hindi to English?
What does this word mean?
What does 'kawaii desu' mean? I saw it as a comment on someone's myspace.?
What does "verte" mean in Spanish?
what does this german phrase mean in english?
what does "nofiquese personalmente y complace" mean in English?
what does the word 'fossi' mean? (patwa/patois)?
What does "skinny dipping" mean?
What does the following mean translated into english: いろんなおしごとあるんだな。(ironna oshigoto arundana.)?
what does how are you getting along mean?
How do chinese and japanese people type? I mean, how do they... oh just read it?
A question for mean people............?
If you are partly from Macau , could it mean that you are also Portuguese?
If an "exposé" is part of my grade in french class, what does that mean?
What are old sayings mean " If you don't feel the pain, you'll never what it's like."?
Spanish-speakers, what does this lyric from Enrique Iglesia's song "Revolucion" mean?
If sb says you r the best singer who ever walks in the world, what does it mean?
What does 'Scheiße' mean?
What does 'polo' mean in spanish?
What does "ireba" mean in japanese?
In French, what does the " le" in the following statement mean:?
Tomorrow is just another day - WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
What does Marmalade mean in Japan?
Turkish people, what does Öptüm mean?
You know the movie Nacho Libre...What does that phrase mean in spanish?
Germans, What does "auslander" mean?
What does the word "meda" mean?
what does wthf mean in internet language?
what does this mean?
What does it mean when ppl make a pact?what is a pact?
What does "ai ni" roughly mean in chinese?
What does "Äs liebs Grüessli" mean? Its Swiss German.?
what does cunñis mean? it's a spanish word (ecuador)?
help me what do these names mean?
what does the word kooi mean?
What do these french words mean in english?
What does this mean in Hindi?
My English friend says she is in"where's the summer gone?"England.What does that mean?How to answer in humour?
what does matzik mean (hebrew)?
What does this hindi sentence mean?
what does c deby mean in french?
What does CHIPOLTE mean in spanish?
What does this mean in english?
what does the spanish expression "darse por..." mean in english?
What does the following sentence in Portuguese mean?
Japanese: What does "arukesaki" mean? Help please?
What does the term "mama Luke " mean in Italian?
What does this mean in english? SPANISH SENTENCE?
what does "LA MOTA TE MATA, PERO DE RISA" mean?
What does futteshimatta mean? It is Japanese?
what does this mean?Hindi to english?
what does this mean in italian?
what does GAZA mean (jamaicans only)?
chinese help what does this mean?
My daughter has a shirt from Germany and it says "Konigsmuhie" on it, What does that mean?
"let me count the way" ,what does it mean?
what dose the mexican gang called Sureño 13 mean in english?
Korean: What does "bamia" mean?
What does the word "Props" mean in English, Is it a slang?