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Does anyone know the interpretation of Alexander Pushkin's Poem 'The Coach of Life'?
What should i title my poem for english? It's about friendship, and it's like about my friendship with someone
I have sat here for 12 hours trying to memorize a poem!?
HELP! I need a useless or a common object for a poem! asap?
What does this poem mean?
does anyone have a onomatopoeia poem?
What is you favorite quote, song lyric, or poem?
I'm looking for a poem by the title "To my Grown up son"?
does anyone have a saying or poem?
Compare and contrast Stephen Crane's poem War Is Kind and Emily Dickinson's poem I'm Nobody?
Any Russian speaker please view this poem and translate. Help is appreciated .Thank you in advance?
Looking for a Walt Disney poem or phrase? Something like this: I don't sleep to rest..I simply sleep to dream?
Romantic quotes , poems , sayings to my boyfriend?
Very important what kinda poem is this?
i am looking for the full text of Alfredo Salanga's poem entitled A WAY OF COMING HOME. please? badly needed.
How great is Shark Boy Valentine Day poem?
Can someone translate this spanish poem into English for me?
What is the means of frame sentence of the poem
The poem is called Dulce Et Decorum Est Why is it ironic?
POEM about water pollution?
Poem or quote with this line in it? Do you know it?
what is an example of slant rhyme in emily dickinson's poem, success is counted sweetest...?
i really need help. somone write shakespeare's sonnet for me pls pls pls . not his sonnets . like his style?
extended metaphor poem?
does anyone know where I can find a literary criticism of a poem online?
I need some ideas for this poem?
Help with a quote from a movie and poem!!!?
OMG! does anyone have a poem they wrote Would you mind you you gave it to me!!!emergency?
Please help with Poem?
Vocabulary Poem?
Quotes or poems to an amazing man?
I need help making an acrostic poem for the word discipline?
What does this phrase or poem or whatever mean?
Is the poem okay, sorry, this is a project and i really need the feedback, thanks ;)?
Any Russian- English speaker here? Could you please translate the following poem? Help is appreciated. Thanks?
What would be a good thesis statement for this poem?
What will be the correct central idea for this poem?
I hav 2 recite this poem in my school.Can u help me by suggesting where to give a pause and where 2 stop?
Can anyone make me a french rhyming poem ?
How does this sound for the Anglo-Saxon Poem?
i need an acrostic poem for the word acient greece. n e help? due tommarow. please help!!!?
Whitman's speaker says, in poem 51 of Leaves of Grass, "Do I contradict myself?"?
What's a quote from a poem or literature that really makes you think?
can someone help tell me what they think the literal and figurative meaning is in the song of myself poem?
Could someone please translate this poem for me? (it's in spanish)?
what shoud i name this limerick poem?
Looking for a short poem titled "You Two"?
Why has someone removed e.e. cumming's poems form almost every website?
I am looking for a short poem or saying about putting a flower in your hair when you are sad or down...?
Can you find all twelve proofs of male chauvinism in this poem?
Write a poem in Spanish?
I wrote a poem what do you think it's about my grandmother who passed away.?
Does anyone know a word that deals with computers for an acrostic poem? it can not be computers...?
what does this poem mean to you?
how did woody guthries poem "this land was made for u and me" reflect the loss of confidence in the U.S gov't?
What does the poem "Happiness" by Michel van Walleghen mean?
can you help me come up with a poem?
help! acrostic poem?
How does one quote a poem?