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Science is a field of study that focuses on the physical world and its phenomena and includes unbiased observation and systematic experimentation. The purpose of science is to uncover general truths and examine the operation of fundamental laws (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2020).


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What would be the independent variable, dependent variable, and control group in this experiment?
Where could I get my hands on some liquid nitrogen (LN2)?
What Does a Negative "R" Value mean in a correlation table?
What do you consider to be end of the technical progress?
5 different types of natural resources?
Does Psig always reads higher than psia when measuring the same steam source?
I need to make an egg drop off football field bleachers?
What are the main features of the plant cells?
in the language of logic what is meant by an interpretation and a model of a formula?
1 science question (10 points)?
Fastest Science student to answer correctly... Ready?
Does long n' strong shampoo work?
Does the tempature outside affect your body tempature?
Does synesthesia make some things hard for other people who have it?
What does chloroform smell like?
what is the term used to define identification guides?
Give some tips on how to conduct an experiment successfully?
Why is my shadow yellow?
How do they measure inch of rain in Meteorology?
Does this gas mask go with anything?
list in order all the structures in your ear that must vibrate before you hear a sound?
will this gonna happen someday?
Using the Appendix table for standard normal distribution find the area under the curve below z = -1.25?
Can someone please help me find a link to a site I can download free subliminal message mp3s?
Is there any silent sounds that are not audible to human ears but cant be recorded by a microphone?
Explain why these methods of separation were performed in this ordera?
How do I unlock the heart of the cards?
how does casting make use of the different characteristics of liquids and solids?
Remains of organisms that are actually changed to rock are called _____ fossils.?
What scientific study are these in...?
In chromatography, why should the solvent front be near the top of the paper at the end of the experiment?
Bill Joy compares the threat of self-replicating nanotechnology?
2 reasons why it is important to have labels on household items.?
Essay topic: Human Footprint on the Enviroment Genetic Mutation. Question Scientist have found amphibians with?
What makes people sob?
18 Carbon Fatty Acid?
How many amino acids are present in a protein synthesized from 102522 nucleotides?
How long does vomit take to dry up fully?
Gregor Mendel's experiment? what was wrong with it?
Give recommendations on how we can avoid water pollution?
What kind of career can i expect if i major in Fish and Wildlife?
Would tinychat be reliable as a sound meter?
what science experiment should i do?
What sort of jammer can be used to keep Remote Thermal Imaging & Laser Mikes from tracking me?
What are the 4 least common uses of phosphorus? PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
using the scientific method please help....?
If i calibrate a scale and 5 grams off?
Did pasteurization lead to the increase in life expectancy?
Books on physics, chemistry, and genetics?
Does this exist? Where is it offered?
consider the function f1(x)=x^2 and f2(x)=x^3. Which of f1 and f2 satisfy the condition and which do not?
What impact on mankind / environment / economy might genetically modified mosquitoes have?
I need some help on physical science questions please(:?
Are there any scientific facts originally made with incorrect proof?
Define Translation in the means of biotechnology ?
simplify the expression using positive exponents pm^6 / q^7?
Digging on the creek bank and saw different colors what do they mean? (i was expecting color change)?
Some easy 6th grade science fair projects? (:?
I am a highschooler, and I am registering for my classes senior year. One science class offered is MAL science, what is this? Thanks?