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Zoology is a branch of biology that deals with classification, properties, and vital phenomena of animals (Merriam-Webster, n.d.).


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where do meal worms come from and get on house plants?
Arctic Monkeys a Uk band?
Am I the only cow lover?
What are some personalities of penguins?
Can anyone please give 5 reasons why bears fur adapt?
attracting wild birds to garden?
What kind of animal would you compare yourself to?
komodo dragons?
My four year old asked a spider question I can't answer?
some kind of sea snakes, do they only mate every ten years or so?
Why do moths do snapping sounds?
Can bedbug bites take a while to show symptoms after you are bitten?
about how many red pandas are left in the wild?
genius were born or made?
Question regarding wasps?
what is the difference?
Can a person drown by absorbing water through the skin?
flying squirrels...?
I have 100 Rs. I wana buy hundred birds. Hen = 5 Rs. 20 Birds=1 Rs. and pigeon=1 Rs. How is it possible.?
what's swimming in my old water bucket?
Are animals affected by hot sauce, or just humans?
do animals [rodents in particilar] have good memories? WANA GET 10 POINTS AND STARS?
Is it good to keep animals in a zoo and why? ?
How can a tiger possibly kill an elephant?
What kind of bug did I see swarming?
What kind of spider is this - it is dark red and in Southern California?
Officially, What species is a fox related to?
Rescue Dogs... Why are the useful?
How do you remove hide from a mummified possum?
Anyone know what kind of bird this is?
what do you call the sound that the elephants makes?
opinions on What ANIMALS i should get 4 my party/event??
Any Vet Tech's out there who can help?
where can i adopt an iguana?
I got couple questions:?
how many hawksbill turtles are there in the world?????
its about warner brothers mice im dying to see a picture of them cause there cute? detailes down?
My husband & I like to fish near the Fl. Keys, but the yellow flies attack, what can we get to kill them?
Do you think kids shuld have school 3 times a week?
Career Path?
How did bird flight evolve?
I found a tiny frog in my basement, it is 20 degrees outside, what should I do?
Why do tame wild animals like pandas suddenly attack people?
What types of teeth do fish have?
why muslim cannot eat penguin?
what is the most deadliest jellyfish?
Helppp in science?
do ants walk backwards?
why are insects not considered as an animal?
How much much wood could a woodchuck chuck?
bioremediation of fungi?
is a earthworm asexual?
what type of training do zoologist need to study ligers?
Do ravens live in flocks?
what are some of the characteristics of the queen bee?
What kind of snake?
What is the difference between a brood and a clutch?
What are animals that have evolved very little called?
the pelvic bones of a four-legged animal are much less massive than those of the human, why is this so?
Sharks have NO bones?