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Chemistry problem help?

An engineer is working with archaeologists to create a realistic Roman village in a museum. The plan for a balance in a marketplace calls for 100 granite stones, each weighing 10 denarium. ( The denarium was a Roman unit of mass: 1 denarium = 3.396g) The manufacturing process for making the stones will remove 20% of the material. If the granite to be used has a density of 2.75 g/cm^3, what is the minimum volume of granite that the engineer should order?

P.s, already have an answer, I'm just trying to see it it is correct, thanks!

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100 stones weigh 100x10 denarium = 100x10x3.396g = 3396 g

But if 20% is "lost" 3396x100/80 = 4245 g needed.

Density = mass/volume

2.75 g/cm^3 = 4245 g/volume

volume = 4245/2.75 = 1544 cm^3