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What is the energy in J per photon?

What is the energy, in joules per photon if L= 2.31nm ?

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L, meaning lambda, λ?

there are 2 equations:

C = λÏ

and E = hÏ

as both equations contain Ï

, frequency, we can write the equations to be equal to each other without using frequency.

C/λ = E/h where C = 3x10^8m/s and h = 6.626x10^-34J-s

to determine E = Ch / λ

convert nm to m, the easiest way is to just write 2.31x10^-9 (wavelength in m with the additional 10^-9, no matter what the value for m because it'll all work out in the end)

E = (3x10^8m/s x 6.626x10^-34J-s) / 2.31x10^-9m = 8.6x10^-17J