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solving system of linear equations by eliminating please help me?!?
last one on homework need help please?
When writing a letter, do you capitalize each letter in : To Whom It May Concern?
how does water get into the plant?
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Sunset rents an SUV at $21.95 plus $0.23 per mile. Sunrise rents the same vehicle for $24.95 plus $0.19 per m?
why do we have temples?
I admire white men, why do some think this is a bad thing?
The declared War on Drugs seems to have failed creating Drug lords etc. Why can't we legalize drugs?
have there been any people born without navals?
Physics Uniform Circular Motion Problem?
Is there truely no stupid questions to be asked?
Which has more density - elephant's sperms or human sperm ?
I need help with these 3 math problems?
three fourth of one fifth of a number is 60 the number is?
pH, calculating [H+]?
To women: Which is more important?
why there is miss universe?
who was the first person in the earth?
algebra problem helpppppppp?
Does productivity determine prosperity? Time magazine has stated so. Do you agree?
what is the best site to find a physical science current event?
Is it true that all black spiders are poisonous?
What "Random Acts of Kindness" have you done for other people before?
Guys, what qualities do you like in girls? (teens please)? Sorry asked this already need more answers...?
what are three factors that affect movement of water in a watershed?
Facts of left handed people...?
Will Earth slip out from it's Axis? Because of Nuclear Explosion.?
i need some good quotes or song lyrics for my statuses (: help?
What concrete evidence is there that evolution actually occurred?
Who are the highest paid doctors?
Do you find that language difference is a huge obstacle on dating scenes?
Put in order plus Y (5 letters)?
Whats a suitable English last name to follow Cassie or Cassandra?
why can't moss grow too far from soil?
Do you as a women?
What components is a brick made of?
Math Question! Please Help!!!! Check My Answers ^^?
6 questions on slope, can u help me?
What the f*** is K-theory?
If you only have one eye...are you blinking or winking?
how many hours are in 3yrs and 5days?
How many atoms of oxygen are present in fertilizer Ca(H2PO4)2?
No indefinite integral for reciprocal ?!?!?!?
What is an example of a cell with a special shape and function?
What is meant by science?
why does water wet glass?
Do I have a really good memory?!?
Worried about cleaning a AAA battery leakage in graphing calcultor!! Toxic??!?
Burger vector?
Can anyone translate this quote into modern day lanague?