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Should I learn sign language instead of Spanish?

I am about to register for courses at college and I was wondering if I could get any advice.

I need to take two semesters of a new language. I was thinking of taking Spanish - except that it meets an excessive number of hours compared to the average course, and I know that no one can learn much of a language by taking only two semesters. 4 years of high school french showed me that (I was never able to carry on decently in a conversation).

So I looked at sign language - the course time is on par with most courses and I think it'd be something interesting to have on my resume (I'm a business student).

I'm not sure if either will give me any use in the future - I know very basic Spanish skills could help, but will it really work in the corporate world? Most people in the know English there anyway. I may never use Sign Language either, but I'm more interested in learning it than another spoken language.

Thanks for the help!

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Sign language would be great. Alot of people can interpret Spanish not alot can interpret sign. It will make you more marketable. It would make you stand out above the crowd.

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You'll need spanish more than sign language.