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have u ever seen something u just can't explain?

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ya!! a lot!!!

A mom's care!!

the warning of the girl- friend's eyes,

the warmth of a carer's Hug,

the peacefulness of a roaring sea shore!!!

all beauties of nature!!!

the loyality to nation,

a lot more!!!

A nice question. But may be I am not elligible to answer in the cutest sense u hve asked!!!

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I work in a liquor store, I see all kinds of unexplainable things.

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Yes. I work as a volunteer EMT and firefighter near my hometown and you won’t believe the strange crap you see at two in the morning. I’ve seen people walk away from a crash that should have left them in about 20 pieces scattered along the road with little more than scratches and I’ve seen a woman die in about a 20MPH crash into a tree that barley dinged the bumper. And that’s just the normal stuff, did I mention our family has it’s own cemetery. Kind of like that song by Spooks, The things I’ve seen.