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Help me with math.. please.. im begging you.. :/?

Uhg this is really frustrating me. I thought I understood it in class but nevermind. (homework timee) its 10:30pm and I need to go to bed cause I have to wake up at 5am and Ive had a long day busy busy busy so thats why i dont have my homework done. Ill list some problems and can someone please explain these to me on how to work them out or just give me the answer PLEASE?! :'(

Simplify Each Expression:

12a+4 - 10a

7+x - 7x

2(n - 4) + 3

-3(a+5) + 9

5(2y + 1) - 7y

2(4 - 3t) - (-3) + 2t

8c+5(c - 3 )

-2(-4 - 3s)

Ok thats not nearly all of them but could you atleast help me with those? or explain how I can work them out? thnx.. :/

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combine like terms for all them like for the first one you would combine 12a and -10a to make 2a and the eqaution would be 2a+4 most of them are as simple as that and the ones with the parenthesis you just multiply the outside into the inside and then combine like terms like 2(n-4)+3 would be 2n-8+3 then combine like terms and it would be 2n-5

Hope this helped!

Reference: Highschool Math