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Reactions seem to have little logic in inorganic chemistry, because i can not find "reaction mechanism" of inorganic chemistry ,as i could in Organic chemistry.

I mean most reactions in ORGANIC are explained in books, but in case of inorganic chemistry, the best logic i could find (from fairly advanced books) was to find out what was getting oxidized and what was getting reduced and then form the products, but often i get nowhere , sometimes the patterns break.And in no book i could find the mechanisms in inorg.

Though, i know a certain teacher who can explain almost all reaction mechanisms even in inorganic... he said to me to by books from publishers like Pearson, Wiley , etc, which i did. but all in vain.

I am surprised that internationally selling books with pages >1500 JUST print the reactions.no explanations


i dont have problems in general chemistry,physical chemistry, quantum mech. ..etc and understand all theories they wrote in books,or from tutors (or i found online) like VSEPR theory, Crystal Field, MO, electronegativity...etc etc.. but i couldnt find any of their applications in reaction mech.

so how do i get to understand all their reaction mech?????

i dont wanna cram or rote learn reactions,coz chemistry is a Science.

and like physics and math,i want to deduce stuff.

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