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What is wrong with m me? Puking blood?

I recently have puked, some intentionally, but today I have had chest pains/aches and shoulder as well. When I puked it was almost all liqid but had.a red orange tint to it... the only thing close to that color I ate was an orange taffy but that was early today, help?

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"some intentionally" explains it , the acids which are repeatedly coming up from your stomach have probably injured your esophagus ,stop puking for a while and if this blood persists , you will need to see a GIT physician.

Reference: med student

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it's becasue you're puking intentionally.

when you throw up, acids are going through your esophagus throat. since you're bulimic, and throw up constantly, your throat and esophagus are being run down and damaged. you can have serious and permanent health issues if you dont stop and go to a doctor.