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Do plants have emotions and feelings?

Scientists have done many tests showing that if a plant is talked too/stroked gently/or is constantly listening to certain types of music...the plant will grow and will be healthier.

So this begs to question:

Do plants and trees have emotions and feelings? If I were to pluck a flower from the ground, or rip its leaf off...would that somehow physically hurt the plant?

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Ive never heard of the music or stroking but the reason a plant grows if its talked to or singed to is because of the carbon dioxide you exhale when you breathe..

The only way something can have feelings is if it has a brain.. the amygdala in the brain is what scientists consider to be the house for feelings.. The amygdala has long been linked with a person's mental and emotional state.

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It's a good question. Botanists aren't really sure of the answer. The conventional wisdom says they don't but animals share many DNA sequences as plants so the thought of plants experiencing pain isn't too far fetched. I believe they can and do experience pain. I'm a fruitarian who only eats the fruit when it has fallen from the tree.

Reference: Charles Darwin's 'The Origin of Species'

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Considering that they lack a brain, I find it difficult to speculate hormonal/emotional chemistry in them.

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Yeah one time, I told a plant it was a retard and it started crying.