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Why are bugs so...creepy?

Some people don't like them and some are afraid. What is it that makes bugs unlikable?

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Why are bugs so...creepy?

You don`t know why ???

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"Creepy" is a matter of opinion and feeling.

They are not creepy to me. I love 'em, and have been making my living off their uniqueness all my life.

Insects are only creepy to people because of their lack of knowledge and ignorance concerning them, and also because they seem so "alien" to us. They have their skeleton on the "outside" (exoskeleton) instead of the inside. They have 6 legs and antennas, and mouth parts that work sideways or tubular. Even the largest of them is small compared to us too.

I find it all to be extremely fascinating and interesting beyond words.

There is really no logical reason to be afraid of insects. Even the biggest and most frightening of them, is not as big as we are, or as fast, or as smart, or as strong. So, why be afraid? Only a very, very small percentage of all the insects on our planet can actually harm a human being "directly". Even the pain caused by bees, wasps, Giant Water Bugs, etc, etc, only lasts a short time, unless, of course, there are allergies involved, which is not the fault of the insect.

Reference: Professional Wildlife Cinematographer, Photographer, & Naturalist 36 years.

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Along with Phil answer up there goes the fact that we are conditioned from a young age to dislike these animals.

We already have a natural fear of snakes and other creepy crawlies such as bugs (Inticts tell us that these things can be dangerous), and then we get a boost from people around us (parents).

Just as you learn to do anything, you can learn to be creeped out by bugs. Animals teach their young to avoid certain things, such as dangerous animals and poisonous food.

This is also likely why some people are not bothered by them in the least.

My mother never liked snakes but always put on a brave face when I brought them home. (not anymore, she knows she's not going to alter my opinion of them at this age).

But she has a moth phobia, and I believe the reason that I am so scared of moths is due to her own fear being taught to me.

Inherited fear and natural instincts make bugs 'creepy' to us.