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How do you deserve to be treated by members of the opposite sex?

And how do you feel when a member of your own sex objects to that type of treatment?

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I deserve to be treated with a minimal amount of respect, and be able to interact with the opposite sex without fearing for my safety. For example, a man should truly try to judge my job applications, etc. on the basis of my talents, not my gender. I should be protected from sexual assault by the laws of our country, as men should be as well. My spouse should not use physical force against me in an argument, and neither should I. For those women who disagree, I respect their opinion. I'll still fight for my rights if necessary, and that's all I can really do. Why be upset that people disagree? At the end of the day, what matters is what society allows. I fight my battles where it counts.

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I deserve to be treated the same way I treat them.

If I'm being a rude, self-abosorbed b*tch then I don't expect to be treated any other way.

If I being respectful, kind and courteous then I expect to be treated accordingly.

If someone treats me any other way than how I should be treated of course I get mad but I can't beat them into submission over it. People like that don't belong in my life so I ignore it and move on and make sure the people who are in my life are the kind of people who will treat me well.