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Is becoming a surgeon worth it all?

I'm in high school and recently (this past year) I've become really interested in medicine. It's slowly climbed up the ladder from being a paramedic to a physician assisant and now I'm contemplating just going the full route to be a surgeon though I'm on the fence.

I was considering physician assistant because it's only 5 years (accelerated program), the hours are good and there were other interests I had. Thinking about it more and more, I realize nothing else I was interested in would compare to the feel of saving a life and the respect you would get.

Would you recommend a physician assistant or just going all the way? I'm so conflicted.

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The second answer got it. If this is what you really, really want to do, go for it. As far as the PA goes, I do not think the courses for PA are fully accepted for Medical School. Not sure. I had a major in Zoology, Professional major inChemistry, minor in Mathmatics, minor is Psychoology, minor in Physics. . A 3.8 average in those helped.

THe gratification from Medicine is primarily internal, from knowing you did a good job. Your patients will not say Thanks, The Insurance Industry will drive you nuts, and the Government will abuse you.

You will NOT get rich, but if you are wise, you can make enough to invest well and should be secure.

Reference: MD

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If you truly are passionate about something, and truly CARE about the people you help, then it will be worth it. But if you are doing it for other reasons (money, fame, etc.) Then it wouldn't be worth it.