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If Feminists feel that they didn't learn enough about women and their achievements...?

What's to keep these women from going to the library and reading about any topic they like? Most university libraries are replete with numerous, excellent books which cover pretty much any topic they're interested in.

There are plenty of librarians which serve no significant function other than to help people find the book or journal they're seeking and to tell people to stay quiet.

As if this weren't enough, with the advent of the internet, access to information in the West has been made so easy that one doesn't even have to leave the comfort of their home to gather this information.

So why do modern Feminists act as if this information was somehow inaccessible to them in the modern era?

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Why should the university be all classes in Men's Studies, and women must go to the library to get out a book?

How come we don't have Women's History classes only, and let men go to the library to read up extra about men?

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Good point. Most classes just touch on a variety of subjects, if they interest someone they should take the time to learn more about it. That being said, why shouldnt a group of people wanting to learn the same things be able to get together and learn about it? Why shouldnt a school support the learning of it?

Now I am well aware you are talking about Women's Studies, but what if they added a Fantasy Football Class or a Classic Cars class? I am sure if it was something you were interested in, you wouldn't be complaining.

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I think they memorized all women's achievements by heart.