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in the 19th century how come women were not allowed to divorce their husbands, or well how come it wasnt that easy to maybe i should say?

and how come women were suppose to be silent and obedient to men? i dont get why..i mean why silent? thats nonsense.

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Who knows, that was a long time ago. Historicly, women were to take care of the home, and men took care of war and defense.

And Michael - YOU are ignorant as hell. White people had slaves, but so did everyone at some period of history. Arabs had slaves, Africans had slaves, Asians had slaves. No one group was more ignorant than any other was.

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Do you live in the 19th century? No.

Stop worrying about it.

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You must be kidding, right?

Women in America didn't even have the right to vote until the 1920's.

Did you just find this out?

Didn't they teach you this in grade school?