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Biology? Help in Genetics?????

A test cross was made between two Alaskan malamutes, a dominant phenotype for normal size and a homozygous recessive dwarf. Which of these results would indicate that the normal-sized dog is heterozygous?

a.) All puppies were phenotypically dominant.

b.)All puppies were phenotypically recessive.

c.) Some puppies were phenotypically dominant and some were recessive.

d.) none of the above.

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If the normal-sized dog is heterozygous the puppies could be either normal-sized or dwarf (statistically 50/50), so they could be a or b or c. However, if all the puppies were normal-sized the parent could be either homozygous or heterozygous, so only a result of b or c would give an indication of heterozygosity.

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A test cross is an unknown crossed with a homozygous recessive. If the offspring are 50% dominat and 50% recssive, you know your unknown was heterozygous.

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C -

Say the dwarf is ss.

If you get some Ss, and some ss, it means the normal one has to have one S and one s, so its Ss.

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