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Chem question URGENT, thnx!?

Exam #2

  1. Given the reaction 2NH3 (g) + 3Cl2(g) --- N2(g) + 6HCl (g), you react 5.0-L of NH3 with 5.0-L of Cl2 measured at the same conditions in a closed container. Calculate the ratio of pressures in the container. (Pfinal / P initial - this tip was given by the prof.)

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All the Cl2 will react, but only 2/3 of the NH3. This leaves 1/3 of the NH3.

That will produce 1/3 x 5litres of N2 and 2 x 5 litres of HCl.

Now add up all the gases, and compare it with 10 litres.

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The pressuses will have a 1:1 ratio because of the conservation of mass where the amount of moles you put in is the same amout you get out, amd since this is true Avogadro's law tells us that the pressures will remain the same but i did the work by hand at 100 degrees kelvin and found the pressures to be .361/.361