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Write with one syllable words?

My friend told me that it makes a story more strong if you write with mostly one syllable words. Is this true? I have no idea where she got this. I would be willing to try but wouldn't it be a bit bland?

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I think it'd be better to use a variety. Or your story would sound something like this

I am an ape in a cage. I eat ... I honestly can't even think of anymore ahaha it's hard.. Don't do it, it's dumb and boring.

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A whole story with only one syllable words would be very difficult.

Trying to stick to such a rigid structure may also restrict your creative flow. Maybe your friend's point was to not use big words for no reason, as they can actually subtract from meaning and insight, rather than add to it.

As you say, no idea where she got it from. Did she tell you by only using one syllable words? hehe