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What can you comment about the survival of the fittest in human race?

I agree that human evolved through natural selection. The best-suited traits were passed into the new generation to survive the harsh environment and to reproduce. Now that human has great intelligence that even we have physical vulnerability/deficiency, we managed to survive due to our ability to protect ourself from danger and adopt to our environment with the help of technology and innovation and not by our physical capability. Can I conclude that the trend is more about "survival of the smartest"?

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Survival means "you lived to reproduce" as far as evolution goes. We measure "fitness" as the traits held by people who survive.

Determining which traits make a person better suited to survive is looking at the problem backwards. Did you make it? Ok, you're a survivor. I don't think I have to tell you that lots of stupid people and lots of weak people and lots of ugly people and lots of clumsy people and lots of people who don't read and didn't "get" Donnie Darko are reproducing.

What we learn is that, as far as the survival of a species goes, variety is a powerful thing to have.

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Smartest and/or fastest and/or strongest etc.

Evolution can use many paths.

That's why there are so many species.

Our specie is quite smart, it's one of its features