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I've been talking in accents for the whole week and now I can't get rid of them. How do I make them go away?

I spent the whole week from like Thursday last week until today talking in many different accents for fun, mainly a British accent and the Arnold Schwarzenegger accent. I read my homework and walked around the house all day talking in the accents and yelling Arnold Schwarzenegger movie quotes and making that noise he makes all day driving my mom crazy. It was fun though, my whole class used to talk in accents everyday all day for fun. But now, whenever I try to talk regularly, there is a slight twist of that Arnold Schwarzenegger accent and no matter how hard I try, I can't talk regularly. I was called on to read today at school, and my words came out semi-exaggerated and I sounded weird; people were trying not to laugh. it was embarrassing but kind of funny. Will it eventually go away? How do I get rid of the semi-accent so I won't get in trouble?

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haha nice job, i was even kinda reading that with the Arnold accent.

My advice, would maybe to be reading a book out loud to yourself in the most normal tone voice as you can, maybe watch others talk..??

I've never really heard of this before, but i can't see why practicing speaking normal again would not work. Good luck! and keep up the good sense of humor