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What types of GMO corn contain the Epicyte Gene?

I have infertility and I was hoping to find out if it was caused by GMO Epicyte Gene containing corn. Does anyone know what varieties of corn contain the Epicyte Gene?

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As long as they can make money, it's all safe. Government officials are joined at the hip with Monsanto, so true studies won't be known and possibly never conducted. If we trust our lives to corporations that care more about the almighty dollar than human beings, the human race is doomed...Dodo birds.

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It's all GRASS, safe*. Monsanto is a sweet little company with rich German roots caring deeply about your welfare.

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No marketed corn has the epicyte gene. The only GMOs in the commercial corn market are Bt (insecticidal) corn and herbicide resistant corn. Various other traits have been developed but they are not commercialized, and most never will be. Many are just used for research purposes.

Even if epicyte corn was developed, it would be used much like GM bacteria is used today - to produce pharmaceuticals, which are then extracted (harvested) through chemical means.

Talk to your doctor about your fertility issues. It's not the corn you're eating (although fumonisins, which occur in corn and wheat but are tested, can be a cause of birth defects. Pro tip: Avoid blue corn when you become pregnant, and throw away any fresh corn that looks pink).

Reference: I'm a plant breeder.

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I'm sorry, I'm not sure. But I did a Google search and apparently, the infertility causing corn is called NK603 x MON810. I'll put the link in the sources.

Are you going to the labeling marches today? I'm excited to go!