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Can you please put this quote in simpler words?

"You cannot entrust peace to the promises of men who rule countries where free elections and free speech do not exist."

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Peace cannot exist without freedom because only those free to make choices can be trusted to do things correctly, in order to protect themselves and others. Those who are not free have no reason to bring about peace.

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It means that only true democracies can be trusted to ensure and maintain peace. It seems to me, however, that that flies in the face of the invasion of Iraq by major world democracies such as the US, Britain, Australia, Italy etc. Saddam was maintaining law and order in Iraq before the invasion, schools and hospitals were well funded and efficient, the people had plenty of food, consumer products and peace - unless, of course, the acted against the interests of the regime. The majority of people were relaxed and happy. Just look at them now! So much for democracies being promoters of peace!

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Peace cannot exist without freedom