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someone please help me on my sociology ?

  1. Provide one example from your own experience to support or contradict the existence of the hidden curriculum. State if your example supports or contradicts the concept and do not use the examples given in the reading. (2 pts)

  2. A student is told by his teachers that he will not amount to anything. He then begins to fail subjects he normally passed. What term describes this occurrence? (1 pt)

  3. What does Kozol see as the root of educational inequality? Do you agree or disagree with his view? Why? (3 pts)

  4. Does Kozol believe there is a link between economic resources and educational inequality? Explain. Discuss if you agree or disagree. (3 pts)

  5. What segment of the poor population is often not included in the statistics of elderly poor people? (1 pt)

  6. The elderly have the highest voting rate in the country. Why don’t they have more political power? (2 pts)

  7. A common phrase in sociology is “you inherit your sex and learn your gender.” Explain what this means using the text and sociological terms. (3 pts)

  8. Elderly people remain a forgotten population in our society. How might our society take advantage of the natural skills, knowledge, and wisdom of older people? Suggest two specific ways that you and members of your community could utilize the strengths of the elderly. (3 pts)

Imagine if you were suddenly the opposite gender. How would your daily life change? Would you be involved in the same activities, hobbies, and interests? What would be different? How would people treat you differently? Write at least two paragraphs about how your life would be different as a member of the opposite sex. (8 pts)

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