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Must a president read or write?

I'm doing my US History homework on the constitution and one of the questions is, must a president read or write? I can't seem to find any evidence of the answer to the question in the constitution.

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There is nothing in the Constitution saying that the president must be literate, because the Founders had something people today lack--common sense. They (apparently foolishly) thought people would want a president who could read and write, but I guess they just overestimated the IQs of people in the future.

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All presidents have been able to read and write. it is not a requirement though. There are speech writers and people who write for him/her. There may be a little bit of a problem when he/she tries to read the proposed law(which would be very good).

In my opinion, yes, they need to be able to read the laws. But a president can be elected that cannot read. In past history there have been great leaders who could not read, but not in today's society. Charlamange could not red or write.