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Nothing much to say, just your average person growing up in a strange and chaotic world.

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Men who are feminist...?
Should both the genders just stop b!tching about double standards and just accept them and move on?
Are women more likely to be anti-war than men?
Do you think HIV positive immigrants be allowed into the country?
Pro-choicers only please...?
Do you think women are more prone to nightmares than men?
Are there any women here who don't have children and wish to keep it that way?
Anyone read the book "I hope they serve beer in hell" by Tucker Max?
Do you think being able to easily get over break ups is a good or bad thing?
Should periodic HIV testing become mandatory for everyone?
Do you think it's hard for wealthy men to find themselves a nice decent wife without attracting golddiggers?
In simple terms, what is chaos theory?
Women, do you really think most men are pigs?
I'm bad at math, will it hurt me later in life? How can I improve?
Women, does it bother you being the physically weaker sex?
Do women have the monopoly on sex?
Is there a difference between "college" and "university"?
In your opinion, what exactly makes someone a feminist and non-feminist?
Is it better to think positively or realistically?
Are Jewish girls forbidden to date non-Jewish guys?
Is there a resentment against physically attractive people...?
Do you think most people base their self-image on how the opposite sex thinks of them?
Should men have more of a say when it comes to unwanted pregnancies/abortion?
Why is female circumcision "genital mutilation" while male circumcision is "standard procedure"?
Have you personally ever experienced sexism?
Do you think there the cure for HIV/AIDS is being hidden?
Women, if you're husband or bf was invited to the Playboy Mansion would you let him go?
Why do most women take offense when a guy compliments them on their looks?
Women, who do you have less respect for...?
Why is more acceptable for people to talk bad about their fathers but not their mothers?
What do you think of "cougar" women?
What did the earliest primates evolve from?
Is there a difference between college and university?
Are women turned off by shy guys?
Do you see anything wrong with a guy having many children with many different women?
Should men be indifferent to the issue of abortion?
Would you date someone who was less educated than you?
Do you think men often have to live up to stereotypes to prove they are "real men"?
Is college overrated?
Why aren't we allowed to discuss controversial subjects in classrooms?
Since were talking about double standards here...?
Can some people actually look more attractive in their older years than younger?
What kind of "gender issues" are still prevalent today?
Why is it usually the sweet, innocent, virgin girl who survives the horror film?
What do you think of nude beaches?
GWS: Do you agree that just because you may be good at certain things...?
Are Americans the most complicated people when it comes to dating?
Female therapists vs male therapists?
How much money do psychologist and sociologist make?
Do you agree with the notion that men would never rat out their buddies...?
Women, do you dislike being called chicks?
Are the SAT's always necessary to get enrolled into college?
Who do you have less respect for...?
Have you ever dated a friend's sibling? was it awkward?
Is it always the man's responsibility to use birth control?
In what ways has feminism affected men in society? (for better or worse)?
Are mothers seen as the "better" parent?
What kinds of current social attitudes regarding gender would you like to see change or disappear?
Women, would it make you uncomfortable being with a guy who carried a gun with him all the time?
Do women not handle criticism well...?