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Should I/do I need to take physics?

I'm planning on going to university for something in the medical field. I was thinking nurse, researcher, or even a surgeon. Something like that! I've never been too great at physics, more so biology. I don't know whether I need to take it or not. My guidance counsellor said I didn't need to, but it would be a good idea to. I just don't want to completely fail at it then have it lower my average.

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To go to medical school you will more than likely need to have taken physics. Admission to the University of Texas MS requires 14 hours of Biology, 8 hours of Gen. Chemistry, 8 hours of Organic chemistry, 8 hours of Physics, and 6 hours of English.

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Are you in high school? Then you don't 'need' it but it will help more than it will hurt. You will end up needing it in college and having had taken it will help