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am i not being equal by treating sex the same as women do nowdays ? why am i getting blamed for nothing ?

i followed feminism and agree with equality, and i beleive sex is both ways, but how come its like i have to take it serious when she want me too ? isnt this controlling ? arent man and women same according to feminism ? am i wrong to follow it ?

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Your question is kind of confusing.


What exactly are you asking?

Men and women are not physically or mentally the same, but should be treated the same. You are not wrong to try and follow feminine ways, it's your life.

I'm not sure if that's what you were looking for, but try to explain your self a bit better next time.

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I'm a bit confused about what your question is about. But this is what I think is the problem.

Do you mean to say that if you just want sex or a short fling or whatever, and your partner wants a relationship? If it is so, then you're going to get blamed for not making it clear that you don't want a relationship. Most women (I wouldn't know nowadays, but I can say for me and every single woman I know) want a stable relationship: a husband, kids, and all the trimmings. We treat every relationship as a possibility of being together forever. If it doesn't work out, than it doesn't, but it never hurts to try. Now, if you want to escape any blame, you should find a partner that clearly knows you're not into the whole marriage stuff, and then make sure again that the only thing she wants is some sex. Then I believe you can't be blamed for anything.

But if you get a relationship with a woman who's interested in continuing past a few dates, than it's unfair to her not to tell her so. You might not care what the controlling woman might want, but it's still unfair to lead her on to the point that she starts to believe you have some sort of stable relationship. Just tell her you're not into anything serious right now and get the hell out of that relationship.

And I don't think feminism has anything to do with it. It has to do with different things men and women want from a relationship, and about choosing the right partner for what you want to do.

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No, men and women aren't the same (sigh), but those differences shouldn't be the bases for different treatment under the law.