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Text Language. What do you think?

I hate it. People do it on msn now which is completely absurb seeing as typing is really quick. People are changing normal words to longer words and its so annoying; like the word: You, some girls say:Yooh, or Yhu. Arr! And the word: Honey, is being changed to Hunneh, or Hunni.

What are your opinions?

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People, in ther attempt to leave an impression, will leave their "trademak" behind. Some, not knowing, do their best to spell correctly. Others, just do not care. Still yet, in trying to cover up their non-logical thinking, go to the extreme so that it seems they are purposely "trying" to write that way.

So many reasons why. Now, the questions remains, "Do we fuss because they do not spell, write, or even think logically as we?"