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Physics Help!! please?

hey there is only ten questions here

i already did this test

will someone please help me and correct them

my answers look like this <===|

How long does it take light, traveling at 3.0 x 105 km/s, to reach the earth from the sun, 1.5 x 108 km away?


500s <===|



2: Two runners, A and B, start at the same instant over a 2.0 km course. Runner A covers the entire course at 10 km/h. Runner B runs 1 km at 11 km/h and the other kilometer at 9 km/h. By how many seconds does the winner beat his opponent?

7.3 s <===|

6.8 s

0.0 s

8.4 s

3: A parachute jump of 13400 m was made by Arabella Richardson. The time of descent was 23 min, 50 s. Calculate the average velocity during the drop.

9.37 m/s <===|

11.2 m/s


17.5 m/s

4: A train from New York City to Miami is scheduled to cover the 597 km distance to Richmond in 7 h, 15 min and to make the entire run of 2230 km in 26 h, 35 min. On a particular trip the train was 2 h late at Richmond and 3 h late a Miami. Calculate the average speeds of the train from Richmond to Miami.

84.6 km/h

80.31 km/h <===|

75.4 km/h

73.1 km/h

5: If you drive 100 miles in two hours your average speed will be:

75 mi/hr <===|

100 mi/hr

50 mi/hr

200 mi/hr

6: How long does it take a car to accelerate from 10 m/sec to 35 m/sec while going to the right at a constant acceleration of 5 (m/sec)/sec to the right?

3 Seconds

7 Seconds

5 Seconds <===|

15 Seconds

7: The change in velocity over time defines what?




Acceleration <===|

8: Your cow is standing on the tracks as a train is rapidly approaching! You are able to give the cow an acceleration of 20 m/s^2. How much time will it take you to pull the cow 2 meters to safety?

0.7 Seconds

0.4 Seconds <===|

1.1 Seconds

0.9 seconds

9: Resolve a displacement of 700 cm into two components along direction lines that lie on opposite sides of the displacement and each of which makes an angle of 30° with the displacement.

404 cm and 478 cm <===|

404 cm each

383 cm and 415 cm

415 cm each

10: Which of the following sentences contains an example of instantaneous velocity?

The car covered 500 kilometers in the first 10 hours of its northward journey.

19.6 m/sFive seconds into launch the rocket was shooting upward at 5000 meters per second.<===|

The cheetah can run at 70 miles per hour.

Moving at 5 kilometers per hour, it will take us eight hours to get to the base camp.

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