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How to understand chemistry fast?

So I really want to learn chemistry so I can be able to handle premed coursework. I never took chemistry in HS. I'm 18 and I have a pretty decent math background. I'm positive math is not the problem, but when I look at chem videos online I get confused. What are some ways I learn the material at a faster rate?

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In order for self-study to be successful, you have to have a plan on what exactly you're going to study and whether or not that plan will give you a good enough understanding. Since you haven't taken Chemistry and probably really don't know much about it, I would say take an Intro Chem course to get all the basics down. General Chemistry will expect you to know all the basics. The only way to understand the material "fast" is to study more everyday. You'll cover more material if you study 2 chapters a week instead of 1, though you do have to be careful about rushing your studies and fail to get a good understanding of the material. There are no shortcuts.