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Chemistry Calculate the Density of a metal?

A sample containing 33.01 g of metal pellets is poured into a graduated cylinder initially containing 12.0 mL of water, causing the water level in the cylinder to rise to 13.0 mL. Calculate the density of the metal.

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Whoa! Where can I get some of that metal?? Os with a density of 22.6 g cm^-1 was until now the densest substance known. There's a typo somewhere. Aha: 31.0 mL V = 19 D = M/V = 33.01/19.0 = 1.74

D(Mg) =1.74 g cm^-3. And only two sig figs warranted.


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33.01 g/cm^3.

The mass of the metal sample is 33.01g and the volume change that it causes, is 13.0-12.0=1.0ml

1.0ml=1.0 cm^3

Using the formula for density, density= mass/volume:

density= 33.01/1.0= 33.01 g/cm^3