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Can someone help me with this math word problem?

I can't understand this. Please show your work and explain why you did what and what you did. Thanks!

Pat and Amy are raising money for a charity. Pat received an average of $2.50 each from 23 people. Amy received an average of $3.75 each from 18 people. How much money did they raise altogether?

10 points for the best and detailed answer! (:

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Average means that you take the total and divide it by the number of instances. In this case, Pat collected from 23 people and the average was $2.50 Multiply this amount by the number of people and you have the total that Pat collected. You do the same for Amy and then add the two amounts together fir the total collected. There will likely also be a question about who collected more.

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the average is the total amount each person bought divided by total people... so if pat were to multiply 2.50 by 23, that will get him the total amount he raised. and they are asking you to combine what the two raised together. so you have to make two multiplication actions... then add them together.