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Fort Hood, Texas shooting?

What's going on? I know 12 are dead and 30 something are wounded.

I was listening to it on the news, right when my brother in the marines in NC texted me saying that the security is tightening up.


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last i heard the shooter was alive in the hospital

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It could be anything at this point a Terrorist yes because anybody can be a terrorist if they do something like this. When you threaten lives and scare people and even as go as far as to kill, then no matter who you are your a terrorist when you do something like that. You don't have to be none American you can be American or from somewhere else that makes no difference. This is why the military needs to stop just letting anybody in. Better pick people before they join the standards need to be much higher. You thought they would have learned that in early 200'2 when a soldier threw a grenade in on his own men.

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It's confirmed that one shooter was a soldier, two others are in custody as suspects.. The shooter is dead, there is no answer on motive yet.

The gunman that was shot and killed was an Army Major.