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Should I drop acid? Any experiences ?

I've been smoking weed for a whole and thinking about tripping should I drop acid or maybe shrooms, thoughts and experiences please. And if u tell me that I'm dumb don't answer

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Weed is natural, it's organic, it's not something I condone or use but it's at least a mellow affect on the body. I've dropped acid, and will be upfront that I liked the trip. I was young and stupid and just excused any of the possible risks. First of all, you're dealing with a synthetically derived drug that has direct affect on the neurons in your body. Some drugged out hippie is concocting this stuff in his garage for profit, so that he continue to be a lazy non-working bum and use the proceeds to live and get high. You want to put your brain cells on that . . . go right ahead. Many cases where people go on a trip, and don't come back.

Shrumes, again I don't condone or use but it's a little more subtle and you'll get a similar trip as to the acid. It's more than sufficient to meet the needs. If you're gonna pollute your body at least go with time proven stuff that you know isn't putting your life or ability to live on the line.