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Is the following a Lewis acid or base?

I understand the definition of a lewis acid and base, but I am having trouble figuring out the following. Please explain how to find out:



The book says SnCl2 is a lewis acid and OF2 is a lewis base

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Sn2+ is electron-deficient. Another example would be AlCl3, specifically the Al^3+ ion. Even Na^+ is a Lewis acid, but it's so weak you never see it show any acidic behavior in aqueous solution. Another Lewis acid example would be Fe(NO3)3.

OF2 has available electron density, with lots of nonbonding electron pairs on the O and the F. I don't know anything about the base behavior of OF2. However, I do know that the presence of electron density makes for a Lewis base. Another example would be the double bond in C2H4, which can for an adduct (correct word?) with Lewis acid species such as Hg^2+.

Reference: ChemTeam